With my pool of experts, I offer management training, personal development training, specialized seminars on quality and knowledge management and coaching in Germany and abroad. This also includes outdoor trainings. These are experience- and action-oriented seminars in which employees of a company get to know and appreciate each other in a new way, regardless of competencies.
We offer a wide range of in-house qualifications. We handle this in German and English, with interpreters on request. The focus is on leadership seminars, basic courses in the technical field as well as management seminars for the areas of personnel development, quality management and know-how assurance. Exceptions to this are the team training courses, which are offered on a sector-neutral basis for individual work groups, for cross-divisional management members and for executive management. The respective focus is coordinated with the client in advance.

In this area we offer attractive events: From short-term training for managers to one-day seminars and workshops to series of events that support a project to introduce QM in companies at the relevant time and motivate employees to get involved. We have several seminar examples here:

  • What happens when we introduce ISO 9000?
  • Quality oriented purchasing organization
  • What is quality promotion and what does it mean for me?
  • Internal customer/supplier relationship

Beyond this with appropriate preliminary analysis a company-specific requirement is converted into appropriate workshops, if for example:


  • risks should/must be minimized,
  • departments start with a new product or service,
  • sales concepts are changed or
  • parts of the previous company services are outsourced to the supply chain.

quality management

Leadership & Team

I take over the creation and implementation of development concepts for junior executives who are stepping up to the management level. This involves clarifying which basic modules are required and which specifics of the company situation need to be prepared for. It can also be a development block with various modules for established managers who are to be prepared for the challenges of demographic development and the demands of younger generations.

The optimization of cooperation/team development within and across departments, is now an integral part of personnel development in successful companies.

  • How does a group of people with a common task become a motivated and high-performing team?
  • Professional competence is often quickly clarified.
  • What other factors do we need to make teams successful?
  • What needs to be done to make the well-known formula "The skills and performance of a team are greater than the sum of the individual performances" a reality?

You can't change overnight, but if you want to change, you should start today with the first step – not tomorrow. Five training sessions help develop working communities into committed and performance-conscious teams.

H.B.D.I.-Training & Teamtraining

With the experience of 35 years of management consulting, one or the other company has already been pulled out of a crisis and groundbreaking decisions have been supported. Therefore, I know exactly that not only external, but especially internal communication plays a decisive role for success. Departments must speak the same language for specific processes, even internationally.
Only if managers master the keyboard of the highly diverse communication with the employees, which is based on the individual character and professional strengths, a team arises from the workforce and brings the company committedly and permanently forward with full speed. With the evaluation of the H.B.D.I. Herrmann International profile analysis (The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument) color comes with blue, red, yellow, and green into the darkness of the personalities. An example: The blue numbers man project analyst meets the yellow visionary project developer. Facts meet emotions. Both need the other, but conflicts arise. If both know why the other ticks the way he does, development goals are implemented in a more relaxed, faster and more goal-oriented manner.

Career planning with the H.B.D.I. profile, parts of conflict management, team composition for projects, requirement profiles of thinking and behavioral styles for technical and management positions – the application possibilities of the model are manifold.