ÜBER mich

H.-Peter Werminghaus

Für mich steht immer der Mensch im Mittelpunkt – ich nenne das „the people side of business“. Ich betrachte nicht nur Unternehmen, sondern im Speziellen einzelne Mitarbeiter, Führungskräfte, Unternehmer, weil ich fest davon überzeugt bin, dass der einzelne Mensch die Keimzelle des Erfolges ist.
I am furthermore convinced that we must exemplify the things we communicate. It is important that we are not just a collection of professional competencies, but that we also interact socially with one another. Respect and trust is the basis of my work with my clients. I do not believe in static concepts, but develop topics based on the latest research.

As a graduate engineer, I quickly developed as a project manager, lecturer, and consultant into a specialist in optimizing work and thought processes in medium-sized companies and in national and international industry. As a management consultant, I always must answer two central questions. Why are some entrepreneurs more successful than others? And how do companies maintain their know-how? I dig through their structures and get them in shape to always be one step ahead of the competition and to survive permanently in a competitive market.

Dipl.-Ing. H.-Peter Werminghaus